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Brenda’s journey started in different corners of the world and culminated in South Africa’s beautiful Western Cape. Our founder, Brenda de Jager, has always had a love for food and entertaining and has traveled the gastronomic globe, taking in countries like Morocco, Spain and Argentina. Brenda has taken on board the diversity of fresh food markets and seasonal produce. It started with culinary experiments in a private home; it developed into a fully-fledged business. To date, Brenda’s preserves are stocked at selected outlets nationwide and are also available on-line.


The quest for fresh produce spurred Brenda into making her first jars of fig and apricot jam in 2007. In sourcing the ingredients, Brenda met interesting people along the way and formed new friendships; friendships that have been an essential part of the company’s story and they continue to inspire the development of fresh new products.


At Brenda’s we celebrate and respect all our ingredients by not adding any preservatives to our products. All our products are additive-free and made from fresh, natural ingredients, expertly sourced from local producers. Our products embody the flavours that inspire us and are best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

  • The Chakalaka grinder was a revolution for our kitchen – Wish we could sample all the other products!

    Jaune-Attend Duval
  • 5-stars! Go and try it out for yourself!

    Jeanine Gerbi
  • Brenda creates passionate home produce using fresh ingredients, adding a bit of this, a touch of that, and an ample amount of passion for cooking and entertaining.

    Spice Route Paarl